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Let’s face it, dogs like to be dirty, but we have to live with them too. The Beauty Bark is a cage free, stress free pet grooming salon located in the Park Hill Neighborhood, one mile east of City Park

We happily accept new clients on an appointment basis. Our grooming prices include the bath, hair cut (if needed), nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression. Please CONTACT US for a quote.


The Beauty Bark - Modern Canine Salon - Full Grooming

Full Grooming

Includes a bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expression and hair cut, either to breed standard or whatever makes your family happy.
Call 303.322.0115 for a quote.

The Beauty Bark - Modern Canine Salon - Bath & Brush

Bath and Brush

Includes just that, a bath and brushing and also nail trimming, paw trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.
Call 303.322.0115 for a quote.

The Beauty Bark - Modern Canine Salon - Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

Unfortunately, we do not groom cats.


Owner/Pet Groomer

I've has spent my entire life caring for animals through work as a veterinary technician, volunteering, rescue, and life-long personal interest in pets. It is my privilege to offer professional pet grooming services in a cage free environment where pet friends can play, sleep, relax and enjoy their grooming day. I invite you and your pet family members to allow me to care for them, learn their nicknames, quirks and favorite things so i can make each experience enjoyable. I look forward to seeing wagging tails when your pets walk through the beauty bark entrance.

The Beauty Bark - Modern Canine Salon - Kelly Fraser

Pet Groomer

We're happy to have Rachel as part of our team at the Beauty Bark. She's been a professional groomer for eight years.

The Beauty Bark - Modern Canine Salon - Rachel


We all know our pets aren't fond of the grooming process. At the beauty bark, we schedule an appointment time based on your pet's needs. You bring your pet in at that time and we call you as soon as they're finished, minimizing their stress being away from home. It's that easy. Most appointments take less than two hours.


Now accepting new clients in 2017

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